Gabe developed his affinity for making building systems more efficient during his tenure at the California Conservation Corps (CCC), where he counted a ridiculous amount of lights, toilets, windows, walls, electrical outlets and air conditioners for school districts throughout California. At the CCC he worked his way up the food chain to crew lead where he supervised a crew of anywhere from 5 to 10 corpsmembers at any given time. Since the CCC, Gabe has continued his quest to become a building systems expert through his pursuit of a degree in mechanical engineering.

At Intrinzec, Gabe creates world class 6D building information models. His 6D models become the foundation for CAD drawings (3D), project budgets (4D), schedule forecasting (5D) and energy simulations (6D). Gabe’s unique blend of ability to work independently, natural leadership skills and thirst for knowledge make him a true unicorn in the industry.


Jess is the type of personality that is never satisfied. After finishing his first marathon, he decided his next challenge would be a 50-mile ultramarathon. When it comes to work, he shows the same tenacity and inability to settle for mediocrity. His diverse background includes time as a consulting engineer, an adjunct professor at a CSU, an energy manager for a large K-12 school district, and as an engineering manager for a rapidly growing energy service company (ESCO).

During his tenure on the owner’s side of the table, he encountered never ending pitches from vendors, contractors and ESCOs representing the energy services industry. Recognizing that most of the products and services at the heart of these pitches were far more beneficial for the folks giving them than for the teachers, students, parents and administrators of the school district he represented, he decided a manifesto challenging the industry to do better was in order.

Intrinzec is his manifesto. Here, he leads the development and execution of the processes and procedures behind our service offerings that ensure we earn our customers’ trust and confidence.


Adam began his career delivering light bulbs and thermostats to job sites throughout New York City. After many late nights endlessly driving around the 5 boroughs lost, and ultimately wrecking the company van, he almost threw in the towel. Fortunately for him, he turned this humbling experience into an engineering career with progressing responsibility, including a stint managing the sales, engineering and operations teams for a division of a national energy service company (ESCO).

He has worked for both large and small ESCOs, selling, developing and implementing performance contracts for municipalities, K-12 schools and universities across the county. He has also overseen multi-site, national rollouts of retrofit programs for some of the largest commercial and industrial customers in the country, including financial institutions, food-processing plants, warehouse and distribution centers, data centers, laboratories and commercial office buildings.

He founded Intrinzec with the goal of developing a streamlined business model that would play in both the public and the private sectors. A business model that allows Intrinzec to provide the same single source of accountability as the traditional ESCOs, including performance guarantees and project financing, without the bloated double and triple markup cost structure.